YouTube’s Disinformation Crackdown, Coronavirus Wildcards, and More News

YouTube is taking a stand and experts are mapping where coronavirus will land, but first: a cartoon about a robotic barista with a human touch. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s News

YouTube is cracking down on political content

Welcome to day one of the 2020 election. To mark the occasion, YouTube announced that, unlike most other social platforms, it will get even more aggressive in combatting the election-related disinformation that circulates on its site. In a blog post, YouTube outlined its plan to remove manipulated videos that are intended to deceive viewers as well as any videos that support conspiracy theories.

‘Super-spreaders’ could make it even harder to predict the path of the coronavirus

To stop a disease like the coronavirus from spreading, experts rely on precise math to model its likely course. But people known as super-spreaders—patients who, for unknown reasons, transmit disease at much higher rates—threaten the accuracy of those calculations. So far there’s only a hint of this happening with the Wuhan coronavirus, but if it does occur, it could make the disease more difficult to predict and therefore more difficult to control.

Fast Fact: $5.6 Million

That’s how much companies reportedly shelled out to land an ad in last night’s Super Bowl. And among that elite group of advertisers was Dashlane, a password management app you probably hadn’t heard of. The company’s Super Bowl debut is a testament to the strength of the password management industry, which is projected to be a $2 billion-a-year market by 2025.

WIRED Recommends: The Right Smart Speaker

Selecting a smart speaker means deciding which digital assistant you’d like to chat with over breakfast, so you don’t want to rush into anything. Luckily, our writers are here to help you choose wisely.

News You Can Use

If you’ve thought about ditching Chrome, the Microsoft Edge browser, with its new features, might be for you.

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