Weekend poll: Do you leave auto-rotate on or off?

This week’s poll is simple: Do you have auto-rotation enabled or disabled on your phone? It’s a single toggle located in your Quick Settings on Android (or the Control Center on iOS), which controls your phone’s ability to rotate content as your phone’s orientation changes. If it’s disabled on recent versions of Android, your phone will keep content locked to portrait — handy when you’re reclining on a sofa or in bed. So, on or off?

Starting back with Android 9 Pie, our favorite mobile operating system picked up a pretty slick feature: a sort of “force rotate” button that would appear on the navigation bar when rotating your phone to landscape with auto-rotate disabled. With it, you didn’t have to fiddle around dragging down the notification shade to toggle rotation lock in quick settings when you wanted to check something out quickly in landscape. Android Q later gave it a floating button when used with the new gesture navigation.

For some of us, this new on-demand button meant that we never had to touch the auto-rotate toggle in Quick Settings again; We can leave rotation locked to portrait and still switch to landscape orientation with a single tap whenever we need to. But for others that spend more time in landscape, even that automatic button might not be convenient enough.

We’re curious to see which camp you fall into. Go ahead, pull down that notification shade and see where it’s set. Are you team auto-rotate, have you forgotten what it feels like to leave portrait, or do you still tweak that quick settings toggle as necessary?

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