The Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes, Black Friday Advice, and More News

Our writers have advice on what to view and what to think through, but first: a cartoon about when you meet your robocaller.

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Today’s News

The 20 best Thanksgiving TV episodes, ranked

Don’t be overwhelmed by the holiday season—let your favorite sitcom characters bear the weight with you. Our writers put together the definitive list of the best turkey-day themed episodes from The Office to Mad Men.

Think twice before giving gifts with a microphone or camera

Many, many internet-connected devices will go on sale this Black Friday, and you need to know exactly you’re buying. These gadgets will live in your loved ones’ houses and on their wrists, and connected devices have a problematic track record when it comes to security and privacy. You don’t have to avoid them altogether though, our writer says. Instead, look for properly vetted devices or analog alternatives.

Fast Fact: 40 Percent

That’s how much China will need to reduce its coal power capacity to meet its Paris Climate Agreement goal. How close is it to that goal? Well, China currently has 121 gigawatts of new coal plants under construction—more than is being built in the rest of the world combined. ?

WIRED Recommends: LG OLED TVs

Yes, LG OLED TV is a mouthful, but this line of televisions has consistently ranked among the best out there, and now you can snag a gorgeous 55-inch 4K TV for $1,200 (cheaper than ever!)

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When everything seems hopeless, being kind to yourself is an act of rebellion.

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