The best PS5 features still haven’t been announced, according to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan

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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has promised that the PS5, Sony’s next gen console releasing later this year, has a number of “unique elements” that make it stand out from previous iterations, much of which hasn’t yet been revealed by the tech company itself. 

“With every new console, the processor and graphics get better”, explained Ryan in a new interview with Business Insider Japan, “which is, of course, compelling, but we need to have unique elements too”. The businessman went on to reveal that many of those “bigger differences” between PS5 and PS4 haven’t yet been announced. 

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Of course, a number of the PS5’s features, including back paddles for the DualShock 5, upgrades to its virtual reality integration, and more, have been potentially leaked by a number of patents and images discovered online, so these could be the “unique elements” that Ryan is referring to. Alternatively, there’s every chance the PS5 will surprise all of us with some of its yet to be debuted features, though Ryan provided no timeline on when we can expect to hear more. 

The CEO also elaborated on what it feels like to wield the new PS5 controller, the DualShock 5, adding that playing Gran Turismo Sport with the upcoming gamepad is like a “completely different experience”, so good to use that “you can’t return to the original [DualShock 4]” after feeling it for yourself.  

Ryan was at Sony’s CES conference earlier this week to reveal the official PS5 logo, and rumours of an upcoming PlayStation Meeting in the Spring suggest we’ll be hearing more from him and the PS5’s lead architects very, very soon. 

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