The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services (2020): Blue Apron, Yumble, and More

Photograph: Sakara Life 

Luxury Health Food

Sakara Life Meals

I had a vegan friend try some of these meals and they said they’re for people who take their coffee black. I agree. Doled out in fresh, prepared portions, Sakara Life offers plant-based weekly menus that aren’t customizable. The food has an emphasis on hydration, and you’ll find crisp greens, flavorful sauces, and textural add-ons like seeds or berries in most of the meals. It also tastes super healthy, so if you can’t deal with bitter veggies or tart fruits, it may not be the service for you. Products like detox tea and metabolism-boosting chocolates, which I’m skeptical about, are also available—and they did taste great. If you want a service that does all the hard work for you, including finding nutritious and balanced meals, you can’t go wrong here.

My week’s worth of unprocessed meals included things like salads, parfaits, and soups, all of them vegan, and all of them packaged in recyclable plastic containers designed to prevent the contents from perishing. I loved the food, but it’s important to note that it might replace nearly all of your weekly meals depending on the plan you choose. That means you’ll need to eat it on schedule to avoid any waste. The plans are pricey upfront, but depending on which plan you opt for, you may not need to provide any food for yourself outside of the weekends.

Plan Details: You can choose from the signature meal program, the detox meal program, or the bridal meal program. Note that detoxing isn’t actually a thing, but the program is offered nonetheless.

Cost: For the signature meal program, meals are $28 apiece. The lowest subscription price is $169 per week, which gets you breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days.

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