The Best Dyson Vacuums (2020): V11, V7 Trigger, and More

Dyson has an enormous product line-up of vacuums, often in four different configurations, and it keeps older models in production as newer ones dethrone them. Padded with discounts, the vacuums move closer down the ladder to entry-level models until they eventually go out of production. Even after Dyson stops making them, you can still find older models for sale (usually) at deep discounts.

So which do you buy? It’s tough to tell with so many models that often share the same wording on their respective product pages. You’d think the Big Ball is top of the line, no? And that the V8 is newer because it’s one number higher than the V7, right? Wrong, and wrong. Dive in with us as we make sense of Dyson’s topsy-turvy catalog.

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