The Best Cyber Monday Deals, How To Sleep Better, and More News

Outlets are dealing and sleep is healing, but first, a cartoon about rebellious Roombas.

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Today’s News

The 67 absolute best Cyber Monday deals

If you missed Black Friday (or if you just didn’t get enough), warm up your pointer finger to take advantage of a slew of Cyber Monday deals on everything from drones and TVs to mattresses and outdoor gear. Our reviewers pulled together a roundup of the absolute best.

Stop obsessing over sleep—your brain will thank you

Good sleep can make you more athletic, live longer, have better memory retention, and even prevent disease. You know it’s important. But one surefire way to not get the rest you need is to worry too much about it. So stop obsessing with your sleep tracking gadgets and just … sleep. You might find you feel a whole lot better in the morning.

Fast Fact: 2.7 Percent

That’s how much energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in the US rose in 2018 after several years of decline. This comes as little surprise following the rollback of Obama-era climate policies and the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords, but some citizens are taking the crisis into their own hands by turning to solar power at home.

WIRED Recommends: DJI Osmo Action

If you’re looking for an amazing GoPro alternative, this is the deal for you. This action camera got an 8/10 from our reviewers, and a current Cyber Monday deal slashes $130 off the regular price.

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Here’s how to use Cyber Monday to unsubscribe from all those annoying marketing emails.

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