The 9 Best Gifts for the PC Gamer in Your Life

Shopping for a PC gamer is a perilous endeavor. It’s easy to be led astray by well-meaning retail associates eager to make a sale. PC gamers are also a notoriously fickle lot. But what is a PC gamer but an adventurer—a reclusive one perhaps, but an adventurer nonetheless!

So, to help out anyone looking to pick up some gifts for the PC gamer in their life this holiday season, we put together a simple guide. Each item on this list should be welcomed by PC adventurers of every stripe.

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  • razer viper gaming mouse

    Photograph: Razer

    A Trusty Companion

    Razer Viper Ultimate

    Every adventuring sorcerer or sorceress needs a trusty familiar at their side, a tiny companion to accompany them on every adventure, no matter how perilous. No mice are more trustworthy than the Razer Viper. It comes in two flavors: The wireless Ultimate version, and the regular corded version. Both are superb gaming mice, and feature quick and responsive buttons and super-sensitive sensors.

    The Viper is a life-saver when you’re fighting off wolves, dragons, or space bandits. My favorite thing about this design is that it’s ambidextrous, so lefties can use it just as easily as righties. Plus it has just the right number of buttons: two under your thumb and two under your ring finger—just right for most gamers.

    That said, there are tons of other gaming mice out there if you want to peruse our gaming mouse buying guide.


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  • Photograph: Steelseries

    A Keyboard for Conquest

    SteelSeries Apex Pro

    This mechanical marvel will aid even the humblest adventurer in the pursuit of eternal glory. It’s a mechanical keyboard custom-built for tinkerers. The keys are clicky and responsive, and they’re also tunable via the included software suite, so if you want a firmer or lighter keystroke you can adjust things yourself without much hassle. It’s a great choice for almost any PC gamer because it can adjust to perfectly fit their tastes.

    Gaming keyboards are very personal, so here are a few of our other favorites if this one doesn’t fit the player in your life.


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  • Photograph: Steelseries

    An Audiophile-Grade Headset

    SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC

    Forged in the frigid north, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC is perfect for desktop gaming, and one of our favorite headsets. With this enchanted headset, the adventurer in your life will hear everything in perfect clarity and have some immunity to sneak attacks.

    The Arctis Pro upgrades its normal rich sound quality with an included digital analog converter that takes it to a new level. The mic is killer, too. For more options, check out our headset buying guide.


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