The 15 Best TV and Soundbar Deals for the Super Bowl (2020)

Whether you’re a die-hard NFL fan or just in it for the commercials, there are some great TV deals this Super Bowl season. From discounts on our favorite models to steep price cuts on premium TVs that you might otherwise never consider buying, now’s a great time to upgrade that old screen.

There’s even a good amount of great soundbar deals—making it possible to hear those bone-crushing tackles as if you’re really on the sidelines in Florida. Here are our favorite TV, soundbar, and streaming deals for Super Bowl LIV (that’s 54 in Roman numerals!) to get you prepped for the big game.

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The Best TV Deals

Photograph: TCL

Some of our favorite TVs are listed below but check out our Best TVs list to see more.

  • 55-Inch TCL 6-Series for $550 ($100 off): Our favorite TV is even cheaper than it was for Black Friday right now, making it a perfect time for an upgrade. I love the built-in Roku interface and the local dimming zones in the backlight, which makes it easier to watch darker scenes while retaining excellent contrast.

  • 65-Inch Vizio P-Series Quantum X for $1,268 ($930 off): Vizio’s flagship 2019 model is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a perfect screen to snag for the big game at this price. It features superb color, and some of the best, most intelligent, backlighting in any TV—making darker scenes look fantastic.

  • 55-Inch Samsung Q60 for $698 ($500 off): This Samsung Q60 is beautiful and features the company’s excellent quantum dot tech for more vibrant colors while delivering some of the best upscaling out there for non-4K content.

  • 65-Inch LG TV for $547 ($452 off): If you want a 65-inch screen, there probably isn’t a better deal than this thin-bezel model from LG, which is nearly half off for the Super Bowl. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can yell at it to turn up the volume when you want to hear the announcers.

  • 55-Inch Sony X950G for $998 ($202 off): Sony has some of the best image processing around, which is why seeing a high-end Sony model for less than $1,000 is exciting. Sony’s Motionflow XR technology smooths out the motion of your favorite players on screen, making sports look more lifelike—just make sure you turn it off when you watch your next blockbuster.

  • 55-Inch LG C9 OLED for $1,497 ($1,003 off): OLED TVs offer dramatically better black levels than most other models, making them seem even more vivid and lifelike. It’s still a pretty penny, but this C9 OLED from LG is absolutely astonishing to look at, and it’s more than $1,000 off right now. If you’re a cinephile who’s considering upgrading from your long-beloved plasma TV, check it out. It’s also at Walmart.

TV Deals Under $500

If you’re on a tight budget (most of us are), these are some TVs we really like that cost $500 or less. They aren’t quite as vibrant as the models above, but we think their quality is high enough to get the job done.

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