Tesla’s Cybertruck, an Aston Martin SUV, and More Car News This Week

What was your first thought when you saw Tesla’s newest offering, the Cybertruck? Some (OK, I) reported shock. Some, delight. One automotive design expert we spoke to this week called it “horrifying.” (He came around later, though—you should read the story.) At the very least, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk put it during the all-electric pickup truck’s Thursday night unveiling, CYBRTRCK “doesn’t look like anything else!”

But are the people reserving trucks right now going to get exactly what showed up on stage on Thursday? How should rival truck companies—electric and nonelectric—feel about the whole thing? Oh, and just in case you’re not into Tesla: What does an Aston Martin SUV look like? It’s been a week: Let’s get you caught up.


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