Terrible ‘Cats,’ Aging Technology, and More News

The Cats reception is cold and you’re getting old, but first: a cartoon about Bluetooth Secret Santa.

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Today’s News

Cats is as terrible as the internet guessed it might be

No surprise here. When Les Misérables (2012) director Tom Hooper announced he was creating a star-studded film adaptation of the beloved musical, the internet was skeptical. Hooper promised all the bells and whistles including actors Judi Dench and Ian McKellen, new music from Taylor Swift, and some swanky movie magic by the name of “digital fur technology.” But according to WIRED contributor Tyler Coates, it’s pawsitively awful. “It has been a while since a big-budget, star-packed studio film has felt like such a disaster from start to finish,” Coates writes. “Befuddling, confusing, deeply ugly, and incredibly un-fun, I surely won’t be the only critic to recommend Cats be put down immediately.”

New tests use epigenetics to guess how fast you’re aging

You know you’re getting older. But just how fast is your individual aging trajectory? Using epigenetic markers—chemical chains that attach to the DNA in your cells—scientists can provide a glimpse into the future with insight your “true” age. The first epigenetic “clock” measures patterns linked to aging and disease, comparing your results to normal results of someone your age. This gives individuals the opportunity to make changes such as diet and activity that can have a significant impact on lifespan—and perhaps turn back the clock.

Fast Fact: 7.3

That’s the predicted pH level of ocean water in 2030, according to one estimate. This plummeting number—the lower the pH, the higher the acidity—causes ripple effects across the oceanic kingdom, but especially to sharks, whose long generations mean they might not have the time to adapt to such a radical change in the ocean.

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Ready to just snooze this year away? Here are 10 purchases that can help you get your REM on, from pillows to sound machines to weighted blankets.

News You Can Use

Happy holidays! Let’s debate. The sixth Democratic debate gets underway tonight at 8pm ET (5pm PST). Seven candidates will speak at the event tonight in Los Angeles cohosted by PBS NewHour and Politico. Tune in using our how to watch guide so you can see all the action.

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