Sure Looks Like Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Leaked on Twitter

Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft caught people with a small surprise when it announced its next big game console—the Xbox Series X—late last year at the 2019 Game Awards. And now, someone may have just dropped the first real-world photos of the Series X months before its official release.

On Twitter, @Doug-DragoX uploaded two pics of what appears to be an Xbox Series X, showing the front and more importantly, the back and rear ports of Microsoft’s next game console. But just because someone uploaded some pics to Twitter claiming its the Xbox Series X doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth getting exciting about.

Where things get really interesting is the second leaked photo includes a serial number for this supposed Xbox Series X, and if you go and enter that number into Microsoft’s website, it actually works and registers as a generic “Non-specific” Microsoft device. That still doesn’t mean this pic is 100 percent genuine, though it does add a bit of credibility to these leaked pics, especially since these pics match up almost exactly with a report from detailing the Xbox Series X’s expected ports.

Assuming these photos are legit, the Xbox Series X features a pretty familiar assortment of ports in back including Ethernet, HDMI, an S/PDIF port for audio out, a power port, and two USB Type-A ports. The one port that stands out is the long slot next to the Ethernet port, which isn’t found on any current Xbox devices, and doesn’t seem fit the shape or size of any other commonly used ports. This suggests that the Xbox Series X could have a special proprietary port for a unique peripheral—possibly a next-gen Kinect (though when we reported on such a device last year Microsoft insisted none is in development), or more likely, a VR/AR headset of some kind.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens when you enter the serial number from the leaked Xbox Series X pic into Microsoft’s website. The supposed Xbox Series X is on the far left.
Screenshot: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

The rest of the holes on the left and right of the console’s back appear to be fan grilles to help move air around. And while we’ve already seen what the Series X has going on in front, the leak seems to confirm that we’ll be getting one more USB-A port along with a slot for a disc drive. If this pic is genuine, the Xbox Series X will have a solid selection or ports, though I’m still hoping that Microsoft will include at least one USB Type-C port as well.

We’ve reached out to both @Doug-DragoX and Microsoft and we will update the story when we hear back.

Sadly, that’s about it when it comes to new info about the Xbox Series X. Though if legit leaks are starting this early, we may be able to expect even more rumors and info to surface as we get closer to E3 2020.

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