OnePlus may return to low-cost phones with the 8 Lite

However, there are signs that you might not have to compromise too much. It would have a hole-punch front camera as expected with other OnePlus 8 models, and the lack of an obvious fingerprint reader suggests the Lite would use under-screen tech like existing models. This more affordable model might still have a 6.4- or 6.5-inch screen, too, although we wouldn’t count on a silky-smooth 90Hz OLED panel.

It’s not certain whether this would launch alongside the rest of the 8 series, assuming the rumor is accurate in the first place. With that said, we wouldn’t be shocked if there was an 8 Lite. It’s no secret that OnePlus’ pricing has creeped upward over the years, to the point where you’re paying nearly $700 for a flagship like the 7 Pro. The 8 Lite could fill the gap for those customers who miss OnePlus’ early days of bargain-basement prices, or just those who like OnePlus’ software but can’t justify the outlay for its higher-end hardware.

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