New Uber Rules, Bomber-Inspired Jet Design, and More News

Uber is defining and Airbus is designing, but first: a cartoon about a ruthless smart fridge. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s News

Uber changes its rules, and drivers adjust their strategies

Uber has a response to a new California law that forces the company to treat drivers like employees: “Well fine, maybe we just won’t pick you up.” Uber is now allowing drivers in California to see how much a ride would pay and where it would go before they accept it. And theoretically drivers can reject as many rides as they like without punishment. For rides from some California airports, Uber is even experimenting with allowing drivers to set their own fares. The company hopes this move will help make the case that drivers are independent contractors and not employees.

Airbus’ Maveric brings B-2 bomber style to passenger jets

The shape and look of commercial airlines hasn’t changed much since the 1950s, but Airbus wants to change all that with a new jet it calls the Maverick. The Maverick is shaped like a triangle, much like the B-2 stealth bomber. The reduced drag could decrease the plane’s fuel consumption by up to 20 percent, and while it does mean fewer window seats for passengers, it also mean designers can create new seating configurations.

Fast Fact: Hundreds of Millions

That’s how many PC firmware components remain hackable, according to new research from security firm Eclypsium. Despite years of warnings from multiple sources, interconnected devices like hard drives, webcams, and even trackpads contain vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to break into machines everywhere.

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