New Samsung Phones, Record Heat in Antarctica, and More News

Samsung is unveiling and Antarctica is ailing, but first: a cartoon about marriage in the age of social media.

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Today’s News

Everything Samsung announced at its ‘Unpacked’ event

Samsung kicked off its Galaxy Unpacked hardware event in San Francisco by announcing the arrival of its new flagship Galaxy S20 phone line. All three models, ranging in price from $1000 to $1400, will be equipped with 5G and capable of shooting 8K video. The company also announced a souped-up version of its Galaxy wireless earbuds, which get 11 hours of battery life, according to Samsung. The company’s Icon buds, by contrast, only had a measly hour and a half or so of juice.

The big (yet hidden) consequences of Antarctica’s record heat

Last week Antarctica set a high for the warmest temperature ever recorded there: 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures like that melt the continent’s stocks of ice, and tiny crustaceans called krill are already struggling to find food. That, in turn, affects other animals that depend on krill, like penguins. Furthermore, many native species depend on the extreme temperatures to protect them from invasive species.

Fast Fact: $0

That’s how much campaigns will have to pay for Google’s new security program aimed at keeping political campaign information safe in upcoming elections. Google is working with a nonpartisan, nonprofit called Defending Digital Campaigns, which will distribute these safety measures and teach campaign staff how to use them.

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