How to Watch the Donald Trump Impeachment Hearings

Once every 20 to 100 years or so, a US president gets impeached. This is the formal federal process wherein Congress investigates claims of wrongdoing against the sitting leader of the free world. Now it’s Donald Trump in the hot seat. Public hearings begin on Wednesday, November 13.

The trouble began when a whistleblower’s complaint revealed a phone call in which President Trump appeared to ask Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky for help investigating the son of former vice president Joe Biden, Trump’s most prominent political rival. Gobs of messy details have spilled out since then, culminating in the launch of official impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives.

As with the impeachments of former presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, this one will be broadcast live across major news networks. But this is also the first impeachment of the smartphone era, which means a couple things: (1) You can watch it from anywhere, and (2) Many, many, eyeballs will be on this thing.

Here’s how to follow along:

Good news! You can watch the whole thing right here in this post. We’ve embedded a livestream by PBS Newshour below. Just refresh the page starting at 10 am ET on Wednesday and the video player will be right under this sentence.

Of course, we’ll also be active on social platforms. We’ll have a live Reuters feed on our Facebook page and on Twitter @WIRED. In the meantime, you can catch our national affairs coverage for the latest news.

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