How To Not Get Sick While Traveling, 5G’s Health Effects, and More News

Travelers are travelin’ and worriers are worryin’, but first: a cartoon about GDPR Sunday School.

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Traveling for the holidays? Here’s how not to get sick.

We all know that planes, trains, buses, and cars are straight-up germ factories, but a few steps can go a long way in protecting yourself this holiday season. First, comforting or not, it should be understood that your office air is probably no better than plane air. But if you do want to protect yourself on a plane, the window seat is the most protected space. If someone is sneezing next to you, don’t turn on your air vent, which will push it towards you. And if you find yourself having a scratchy throat on the plane, don’t panic. It’s most likely just from the dry air.

Worried about 5G’s health effects? Don’t be.

With any new technology comes new fears, and the rollout of the next-gen wireless tech has been no different. While there are real security and business concerns with the rollout of 5G, our writer Klint Finley says the health dangers are overblown: “If you weren’t worried about prior generations of cellular service causing cancer, 5G doesn’t produce much new to worry about. And you probably didn’t need to be worried before.”

Fast Fact: $7,500

That’s the tax credit that’s been available to new electric-vehicle purchasers since 2009. But a new congressional budget will end that program starting on January 1, 2020. Our advice? Move fast.

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Here’s how to control the privacy of your social media posts.

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