Google Assistant is getting new calendar and email functions in G Suite

Google Assistant has always been weirdly limited for users who are signed in with G Suite accounts, but Google seems to be slowly fixing this. It added some new functions back in April, and with its latest update for Assistant, the company says G Suite users can now use voice commands to perform the following Calendar and Gmail functions:

  • Ask when your next meeting is
  • Create, cancel, and reschedule Calendar events
  • Send emails to all attendees of a meeting
  • Send emails to specific contacts
  • Dial into meetings

A couple of caveats apply, though. First, these features are turned off by default and are currently still in beta. You’ll have to apply to use them. If you’re a domain administrator, that’s no problem; you can sign up here. But if you’re trying to access this for a work account, you might have to convince your admin to apply it for your whole team.

Secondly, if you’re logged in to both a personal Google account and a work G Suite account, Assistant will only work with one account at a time. “You must switch between those accounts if you’d like to ask a question about your other account,” Google says. Let’s hope Assistant gets more helpful in the future.

Assistant on mobile checking a G Suite user’s calendar.
Image: Google

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