Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Leak May Reveal Story Change

With 2020 officially here, gamers have some very big titles to look forward to in the coming months, perhaps none more so than Final Fantasy VII Remake. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the game since it was officially unveiled nearly five years ago, and, with the title’s March release date swiftly approaching, a demo will apparently be made available soon. In fact, footage from the demo has already managed to leak online somehow, and it has revealed some interesting facts about the remake, including a fairly significant change to the game’s story! Those that want to avoid spoilers should turn back now.

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife and AVALANCHE blow up a Mako Reactor early in the game. The resulting explosion causes a loss of civilian life, but strikes a major blow against the Shinra corporation. In the new game, however, the bomb is only meant to damage the reactor, and the bigger explosion is caused by Shinra, in order to turn public perception against AVALANCHE. The change is simultaneously minor and major: it doesn’t alter the game’s main storyline, but it does make AVALANCHE’s actions seem a bit more clean and heroic when compared to the original game. For Star Wars fans, it could be seen as comparable to the great “Han Shot First” debate.

Of course, the key difference between Final Fantasy VII and Star Wars is the fact that George Lucas altered the original version of the story, while Square Enix is making a change to a remake, instead. In fact, the original version of Final Fantasy VII is available in a number of formats across different systems. Since all remakes have some alterations made to the original concept, this likely won’t be any sort of deal-breaker for fans, but it is an interesting change, regardless!


Surprisingly enough, Square Enix has yet to confirm the demo’s existence. It will be interesting to see if it follows the same trend as other Square Enix titles, allowing players to upload their saved data from the demo when the full game releases in March. Regardless, if these leaks are anything to go by, the demo should be made publicly available in the very near future!

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