Essential Gear For Keeping Your Workspace Tidy

Aer Cable Kit

The Law of Cables is clear: Place them next to each other and they will become tangled. Aer’s ballistic nylon case has two compartments with a bevy of pockets, pouches, and elastic strips to eliminate cord chaos. When it’s time to travel, toss it in your carry-on.


Oxo Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner

Oxo’s dual-purpose cleaner has two ways to make your laptop less disgusting. The soft brush plumbs the crevices of your keyboard to sweep out crumbs, then retracts with a snap for easy storage. Flip the device around and use the microfiber pad to wipe all the gunk and fingerprints off your screen.


Muji Desk Broom Set With Dustpan

The Japanese home-goods brand Muji excels at designing elegant implements for your desktop. This horsehair brush is an excellent tool to send scattered debris to the bin: pistachio shells, three-hole-punch chads, soil from the succulent garden. If you eat lunch alone at your desk, use it to sweep away the evidence.


Poppin Super Stacked

Capture all the wayward desk stuff (printouts, utensils) with this handsome organizer. It comes with two letter trays, a pen cup, and two smaller trays—one of which has soft silicone sides that make it easier to pluck out tiny things. Poppin sells the elements separately, but this bundle is the quickest route to tidy.


Nimble Wireless Charging Pad

If your phone supports wireless charging—most phones now do—ditch the cables already. Nimble’s pad is our favorite way to cut the clutter, because it’s made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic and hemp. Olde-timey wire-charged gadgets can be juiced at the same time through an extra USB port on the back of the pad.


Styling: Pakayla Biehn

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