Dyson’s New Task Light Is Easy on the Eyes

Dyson Lightcycle Task Light

Most modern task lamps consist of little more than a power cord, an LED, and a few strips of metal. But if anyone’s going to over-engineer such a simple object, it’s Dyson. With the Lightcycle, the British company applies the same delightful reinvention it brought to fans and vacuums. The lamp’s height and position adjust easily: A gentle push with one finger raises, lowers, extends, and pivots its cranelike limbs, which glide noiselessly on tiny rollers. Adjusting the LED bulb requires even less work—its color and brightness can be set automatically. Plug your age and current mental mode (Precision, Study, Relax) into Dyson’s companion app, let it access your location, and the app will command the lamp (via Bluetooth) to pour out a pool of light perfectly tuned to the task at hand. It takes into account the time of day, the natural light in your vicinity, even the speed at which your eyes might fatigue. Store up to 20 profiles in the app and, with one tap, the Lightcycle will know exactly which way to glow.


Stylist: Lionel Dulce

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