Disney+ Is Here, Google Has Your Health Data, and More News

Disney+ is peaking and Google is sneaking, but first, a cartoon about podcasting while working.

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Today’s Headlines

Disney+ is here—and it’s a fully formed streaming juggernaut

Disney’s much-anticipated streaming service has finally launched, and it has already all grown up. Unlike many other subscription-streaming services, Disney+ won’t need any ramp-up time: It was born with its own deep catalog of hits, as well as content from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Also: The Simpsons.

Google is slurping up health data, and it looks totally legal

A new report from the Wall Street Journal details a partnership between Google and Ascension, the nation’s second-largest health system. As part of the partnership, Ascension will share the health information of tens of millions of unsuspecting patients with Google so that the company can develop a health care platform capable of suggesting individual treatments and plans. And if you were wondering whether sharing your health information without your consent is illegal, it apparently isn’t.

Fast Fact: 30 Minutes

That’s how much sleep giraffes get each day. And while it seems like that would give you all kinds of productive hours, scientists don’t suggest you try it. It turns out the more we learn about sleep, the more we realize how vital it really is.

WIRED Recommends: Apple AirPods Pro

It feels like Apple AirPods are everywhere, but as most Apple fans will tell you, they leave a little something to be desired. Enter the Apple AirPods Pro, which is what the original wireless earbuds should have always been: great sound, sweat-proof, and impressive active noise canceling. They scored an 8/10 with our reviewers.

News You Can Use

Here’s how to watch the Donald Trump impeachment hearings this week.

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