Black Friday Deal: The Best Wireless Earbuds Are Just $70 Right Now

Ever since Apple plastered over its headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth or, ugh, dongle-focused listening, I’ve spent what can only be described as a heinous amount of time listening to wirefree (truly wireless) earbuds.

For a long time, nobody made them right.

Some pairs would cut out whenever I put my phone in my back pocket; others needed to be adjusted every 5 minutes to not give me ear pain, and many would die after just a few hours of listening before lunchtime. I vividly remember hearing the first AirPods—which most of in the audio world still dislike for a number of reasons—and thinking, “Well, at least these will actually work.” At the time, that alone ranked them among the best you could buy.

Last spring, I finally found a pair I genuinely loved: the 1More Stylish. Our reviews editor, Jeffrey Van Camp, feels the same way.

The thing I like most about the Stylish is how damn comfortable they are. The compact, peanut-shaped buds use soft silicone eartips and big earfins to float perfectly in your ears. They’re also ultra-light, which means you can easily forget you have them in.

The Stylish are also great on the inside, boasting AirPod-beating specs like 6.5 hours of battery life per charge, a sweat-resistant coating, and some of the best audio quality you’ll find below the $200 mark, thanks to support for Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX audio.

They’re also way, way too cheap for how good they are, with a regular $100 price tag that seriously undercuts $160 AirPods. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, though, they’re cheaper than ever.

Right now, you can buy the 1More Stylish for $70 at Amazon, Walmart, and B&H Photo, a full $30 off their normal $100 price tag.

If you’re in the market for wirefree earbuds, this is probably the best deal you’ll find this Black Friday weekend. We also really like the Sony WF-1000XM3 and Master & Dynamic MW07 Go, which both have slightly better features and sound, but are significantly pricier.

For those interested for another style of headphones, check out our lists of the best wirefree earbuds and best wireless headphones.

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