Apex Legends season 4 gameplay trailer shows off Revenant’s abilities

There’s no doubt that Revenant is the most anticipated part of Apex Legends season 4. The deadly new Legend has remained fairly mysterious up until now, but in the season’s first gameplay trailer, we finally got a look at what kind of skills this dangerous assassin will bring to the game.

The trailer shows off Revenant’s ability to make himself and his teammates turn into smoke, though it isn’t clear what that might do. Another moment shows Revenant shooting what looks like a mortar or grenade from his arm, but we’ll have to wait for his full release for more details on that ability.

There’s also footage of the season’s new weapon, a sniper rifle that can be charged to make accurate shots even more deadly. Also coming in season 4 are a few map changes. This will be the first time Respawn Entertainment has made major changes to the game’s World’s Edge map. As with every new season, there are also plenty of new skins showing up with the new Battle Pass, and this trailer gives us a look at a few of those as well.

Apex Legends season 4 is set to begin on Feb. 4, when the game’s latest battle pass, new patch, and Revenant will go live.

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