Apex Legends dev teases another Season 4 trailer and “hyped” content

An Apex Legends developer has given fans a few more hints about Season 4, hinting that there could be another trailer in the works.

With Apex Legends approaching its first year anniversary, the popular battle royale title is gearing up for its fourth installment of seasonal content. Season four, which is going by the name Assimilation, is set to shake up Respawn Entertainment’s game yet again.

It has already been confirmed that players will finally be able to use Revenant as a brand-new legend, and that they’ll also be whisked back to King’s Canyon – the battle royale’s original map – in the second split. Yet, it appears as if there are plenty of more details that are being kept under wraps that the game’s developers are pretty psyched to finally reveal.

Revenant from Apex Legends standing and looking angry
Respawn Entertainment

Revenant is the new legend for Apex Legends season four.

The biggest piece of new information appears to be that players will get another trailer on top of the action-packed videos that have already leaked and been subsequently released by Respawn.

Responding to a jokey post about another ‘leaked’ trailer on the game’s subreddit, Apex developer lowkeydbjosh said: “I was like noooooooooooooo not again lol. See y’all soon for the real one though. Fingers crossed, no spoilers.”

Presumably, this will be a gameplay trailer, as so far we’ve only had cinematics. Typically, gameplay trailers are the last videos posted before the season starts.

Season 4 bringing “things the community will be hyped about”

Of course, seemingly confirming another trailer sent some Apex Legends fans into incredible levels of excitement, with the developer being asked to rate the excitement levels that fans can expect. 

“I’m pretty hyped for the entirety of season 4,” the developer posted. “I think we are doing things the community will be hyped about during this season so I’m hyped for you guys to digg in sooon.”

With the developer being pretty teasing about things and not revealing any additional details, it’s hard to say what they’re so excited about – but fans will be hoping that lingering annoyances with things like bugs and skill-based matchmaking are addressed.

They don’t have long to wait, however, with Apex Legends Season 4 being released on Tuesday, February 4.

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