Air Travel in 2019 Saw Big Projects and Belly Flops

This holiday, we’re thankful for you, dear readers. At least, we try to be as we struggle through airports in an effort to celebrate with our loved ones. In honor of Thanksgiving, and the busiest travel day of the year, we’re taking a look back at the airport-related stuff we’ve explored in 2019. Facial recognition, miraculously landed planes, big airport construction projects—if you’d like to spend your interminable flight or flight delay reading about the big systems, innovators, and legitimate heroes who keep this global aviation system running, we’ve got you covered.


Air travel-related stories you might have missed from WIRED this year

Flying Dumb-Dumb of the Week

TSA agents in—where else?—Florida this month uncovered two high-capacity magazines hidden in a colorful, soft tummy-time baby toy during a routine security screening. The packaging had been arranged to look like the toy had never been opened. I’ll just quote TSA here: “Not to talk to you like a baby, but ‘Magazines go in your checked bag. Not in the bag you carry-on. I got your nose!’”

Stat of the Week


The jump in the number of Americans flying this year over the Thanksgiving holiday compared with last, according to a forecast from the industry group Airlines for America, bringing the total travelers to 31.6 million. The busiest day of air travel should be Sunday, when 3.1 million take to the skies, which could set a single-day travel record. If you are one of those millions: We love you. We’re here for you. Head to the nearest newsstand or pony up for that in-flight WiFi and stay WIRED.

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