A Virus Outbreak, Netflix’s Oscar Nod Dominance, and More News

China is learning and Oscar nominations are burning, but first: a cartoon about starting the startup young.

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Today’s News

China’s swift ID of a new virus is a win for public health

A new mysterious illness characterized by high fever, lung lesions, and difficulty breathing has gripped the Chinese city of Wuhan. Dozens have been hospitalized, and government officials announced Thursday that researchers have identified the culprit: a member of the coronavirus family that has never been seen before in humans. (Other coronavirus variants cause the common cold, SARS, and MERS.) The response demonstrates that China’s scientific infrastructure and public health policies have made critical strides since the 2003 SARS outbreak, which spread to 26 countries and killed 774 after the Chinese government hid the epidemic and its consequences from the rest of the world.

The Oscar nominations are in

Oscar nominations have been announced, and it seems some things never change: The field is largely white, and not a single woman was given a Best Director nod. But in an interesting digital twist, Netflix received more nominations—24—than any other major Hollywood studio, thanks in large part to The Irishman and Marriage Story.

Fast Fact: 367,500

That’s how many cars Tesla delivered last year, a 50 percent jump from 2018. The company’s stock also surpassed $420, a symbolic figure for CEO Elon Musk.

WIRED Recommends: 2020 Games

From Final Fantasy VII Remake to Halo Infinite, 2020 is already looking good for gamers. Our gaming expert put together a list of the 10 games she’s most excited for in 2020.

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Here’s how Facebook tracks you, and how to limit it.

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