A Smart Contact Lens, Trouble for Water Bears, and More News

The future is in sight and water bears face a plight, but first: a cartoon about a Duolingo inheritance.

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Today’s News

The display of the future might be in your contact lens

You’ve heard of smart glasses—specs that can display your calendar, show you emails, and record what you’re seeing. But a new project five years in the making details a new vision of the future: the smart contact lens. The creator, a company called Mojo Vision, says they’ll enable you to use apps and see better, but don’t expect to plop them into your eyes just yet: We’re still a few years away from seeing them brought to market.

Even ultra-tough water bears are vulnerable to climate change

Water bears, or tardigrades, are known for being the toughest creatures on Earth. Scientists have boiled them, frozen them, irradiated them, exposed them to the vacuum of space, and they still just keep tardigradin’ along. But new research reveals something unsettling: Water bears may be able to survive short spurts of extreme temperature, but their survival rate drops significantly when exposed for longer spells. And on a planet that is rapidly warming, if the toughest animal there is can’t survive, what will?

Fast Fact: $111.5 Million

That’s how much money Kia and Hyundai have invested in a new electric van startup called Arrival. The investment signals that the 800-employee startup is ready to compete in the crowded EV market, and while a van may not be as appealing as something like an electric sports car, the market for delivery vehicles to assist juggernauts like UPS, Amazon, and USPS is ripe, and the short, predictable routes are perfect for an EV.

WIRED Recommends: Gear for Traveling With Kids

The prospect of traveling with children can be downright terrifying, but having the right gear can turn it from nightmare to dream. Here’s the best stuff to keep your kids comfortable and entertained.

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