$35 off coupon makes Google’s Titan security keys almost free

Whether you use Android or iOS, a hardware security key can provide even more protection against password theft or phishing. It’s even more secure than other forms of multifactor authentication, because the site you’re logging into has to verify itself to the security key too, which can help protect you against increasingly-tricky phishing attacks.

Now, on the same day that Apple increased support for security keys on iOS 13.3, Google has kicked off a sale on its Titan security keys that makes them cheaper than we’ve ever seen before. Using the code “B-TITAN35OFF” can take up to $35 off of a purchase of security keys, so you can snag the wireless-equipped key that connects over USB, Bluetooth or NFC for just $3.99 (the price of shipping), instead of $35, or a pair of keys that adds a USB unit, at just under $20 instead of $50 plus shipping.

It even appears that the code will work on multiple orders, so you could order them separately and use the discount on each one. Looking for the USB-C key that Google teamed with Yubico on? Apply the coupon code and it can be yours for a total of $9.29.

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