20 Black Friday Amazon Deals: Echo, Kindle, Fire, Etc (2019)

Amazon devices are already pretty affordable, but Black Friday sales bring prices down even more. Whether you’re shopping for a small smart speaker or you want to go all-in on Amazon’s ecosystem, there are deals to help you out. Below are the best Amazon device deals we’ve found so far.

It’s important to note that, while many of these deals are available from Amazon, other stores will price-match these offers if you wish to shop elsewhere. You can also head directly to Amazon for a less-organized (and we hope, less insightful!) Device Deals roundup.

Note: If an item is no longer at its deal price or sold out, we cross it out. Deal prices sometimes return and items come back in stock faster than we can update, so it never hurts to check for yourself.

Updated November 28: We more clearly stated that the Smart Plug deal requires the purchase of another Amazon Device and linked to some of the bundles.

WIRED’s Black Friday Coverage, So Far

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Best Echo and Alexa Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Echo speakers are arguably one of the easiest ways to start building out a smart home. Use Alexa to check the weather, stream music, control compatible devices, and more. Check out this buying guide to figure out which Echo device you should buy. These tips will help keep your privacy intact when placing smart speakers around your house.

Echo Dot for $22 ($28 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This smart home building block is handy and compact. You can place it nearly anywhere. It sounds pretty good for its size, and this sale is the first time we’ve seen significant savings on the newly-released Plum version.

Echo Dot with Clock for $35 ($25 off)


Amazon’s newest iteration of the Echo Dot has a built-in LED clock display. While that feature is nice, it isn’t necessary, unless you use your Dot as an alarm clock or timer frequently. In those instances, spending a bit more on this version is worthwhile.

Echo Auto for $30 ($20 off)

Amazon, Best Buy

Alexa? In your car? It’s more likely than you think. This device uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth signal to broadcast content through your vehicle speakers. You can ask Alexa to change the song, play an audiobook, look up directions, or re-order laundry detergent. I think it’s a little silly, but then again, so are fuzzy dice.

Echo 3rd-Generation Speaker for $60 ($40 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This speaker has the same Alexa functionality as the Echo Dot but features much better sound. Where the Echo Dot is a smart voice assistant that just so happens to be capable of streaming music, the Echo is a decent speaker that happens to have a voice assistant built-in.

Echo Show 5 Smart Display for $50 ($40 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This device takes Alexa and gives her a screen. The display is small, making this a better option for a nightstand as opposed to a kitchen counter. Check out our guide to smart displays to learn what your options are.

Photograph: Amazon

Echo Show for $150 ($80 off)


If you’re looking for an Alexa device with a display, this is the version you want. It has better sound and a much bigger screen than the version mentioned above, which also explains its higher overall price. Still, we think it’s a good option for watching videos, viewing recipes, and other tasks where a display could come in handy.

Best Fire Tablet Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Check out our Fire Tablet guide to figure out which (if any) is best for you. Fire tablets are incredibly cheap, but are also mostly made for streaming, basic tasks, and entertaining kiddos.

Fire HD 8 for $50 ($30 off)

Amazon, Best Buy

This is our favorite Fire tablet overall. It’s portable and shares many features with its larger, 10-inch sibling.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for $80 ($50 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This is a great pick for younger kids, and the two-year worry-free guarantee ensures that you’ll get a replacement if your child manages to break it.

Fire 7 Tablet for $30 ($20 off)

Amazon Target, Best Buy

This isn’t our favorite tablet. In fact, we recommend avoiding it, especially since the bigger and better version is just $20 more for Black Friday. Still, it’s on sale, so if you were ever to go against our recommendations, now would the time. (But don’t!)

Fire 7 Kids Edition for $60 ($40 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

Similarly to the grownup version, the Fire 7 Kids Edition doesn’t cut it when compared to the HD 8 Kids Edition. One exception is if your child still has especially tiny hands.

Fire HD 10 for $100 ($50 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This model is the best Fire tablet on the market. We noted in our guide that has a bit more processing power than the Fire HD 8, and the larger screen is great for watching videos.

Best Fire TV Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Fire TV devices offer a neat way to stream content without needing cable or a smart TV—though they strongly push you to use Amazon services to stream that content (though they do have Netflix and other major apps). You can even check out WIRED with one. As with so many tech products these days, there are some privacy concerns you should be aware of.

Fire TV Stick with 4K with Alexa Voice Remote for $25 ($25 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This is the upgraded Fire TV Stick, and it’s a great option if you stream 4K content. The included Alexa Voice Remote lets you control media playback using Alexa, which is a nice (if not wholly necessary) feature.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote for $20 ($20 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This baseline model is less expensive than the aforementioned version, but for just $5 more, we’d suggest future-proofing by picking up the 4K option.

Fire TV Cube for $90 ($30 off)

Amazon, Best Buy

This product is basically an Amazon Fire TV with some extra Alexa voice assistant functions built into it. We have mixed feelings on using voice, but it’s still a decent Fire TV. You can use it to control compatible smart home devices, like lights or your television itself. However, if you have any other Alexa devices around, combining the two features isn’t really necessary.

Best Kindle Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Amazon’s Kindle ebook readers don’t go on sale very often, making now a great time to pick one up. Check out our Kindle buying guide to figure out which model is the best fit for you.

Kindle Paperwhite for $85 ($45 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This recently-improved Kindle is a worthwhile upgrade over the base version. It’s waterproof and features a clearer display than its predecessor.

Kindle (2019 Edition) for $60 ($30 off)

Best Buy, Best Buy

This base model is nearly identical to the Kindle Paperwhite, minus the water resistance. Senior reviewer Adrienne So gave this gadget an 8/10, WIRED Recommends ward in her in-depth overview.

Best Home Security Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Amazon has a slew of home security devices available. This gear can help you keep better tabs on your property, though we do have some privacy concerns,

Blink XT2 3-Camera Kit for $185 ($65 off)


These cameras feature motion detection and two-way communication. You can place or mount them nearly anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Ring Indoor Cam Two-Pack for $120 ($20 off)


These indoor-only cameras work with Alexa and have a compact footprint.

Best Bundle Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Sometimes you can combine discounts to save even more. Amazon also frequently tosses in a free or cheap item with some of its Black Friday deals.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Echo Show 5 for $179 ($160 off)


These devices work together. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro shows you who is at the door, either on your phone, tablet, computer, or Echo Show 5. You can speak to and hear visitors as well. Echo Show 5 is basically Alexa with a screen, so you can use it to view recipes, watch videos, and more. Note that Ring products require a subscription to unlock all of the available features. Subscriptions start at $3 per month.

Amazon Smart Plug for $5 ($20 off)—If You Buy an Echo


Snag this smart plug for only $5 when you bundle it with another Amazon device, like the $22 Echo Dot. Eligible bundle options include the smart plug and your choice of the Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo Speaker (3rd Gen), Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio.

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