10 Best CES 2020 Devices You Can Buy Right Now: Earbuds, E-Bikes, Toys, and More

At its core, CES is a festival of desire, whether that’s for an affordable 5G phone, an inkjet beauty wand, or a personal pod transporter that means you’ll never have to walk again. It can be anticlimactic if you’re at home. You realize that none of the dazzling gear you saw will be available for at least six to 12 months—and some of it will never come out at all. But we got you. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite things at CES that you can buy right now.

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The Best CES Gadgets You Can Buy Now

These are our favorite picks from the show that are finished enough to actually order! —Adrienne So

Jabra Elite Active 75TPhotograph: Amy Lombard

These comfortable, great-sounding workout buds are guaranteed against two years of water damage and made our Best of CES list this year.

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MysteryVibe Poco gender neutral vibratorPhotograph: Jess Grey

We loved this gender-neutral, smart sex toy that lets you create custom vibration patterns, then fine-tune the intensity and frequency of each part of the pattern and save it to the device via the companion app.

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LynQ People CompassPhotograph: Amy Lombard

I tried a lot of backcountry satellite messengers, and the LynQ looks like one of the most affordable and versatile devices for people who are frequently off-grid. It doesn’t require a phone app or subscription; simply clip the carabiner to a strap and it will point you toward up to 12 people in your party. You can even leave one in the car.

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Photograph: Amy Lombard 

This Swedish electric bike and e-motorcycle manufacturer debuted the Ӧsa this year, a modular motorcycle with quick-release clamps so you can easily attach or remove accessories like cargo racks, a surfboard rack, or a passenger seat. It also comes in a moped version. To order, select your configuration on the website and find a retailer near you.

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Photograph: Amy Lombard

Not only are Unagi’s lightweight, portable, double-motor scooters getting faster, they’re also getting more colorful. Choose from three patterns or multiple of colors, which will be impregnated in a clear coat and wrapped around the deck, stem, and handlebar tubes.

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Photograph: Amy Lombard

The Tori board is a magnetic board that pairs with small magnets that you can place in different game controllers. There’s the potential to make it a learning experience, but when we tried it at CES, it was just fun.

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Dabby streaming devicePhotograph: Louryn Strampe

The Dabby dongle/touchscreen will help anyone get out of streaming TV oversubscription hell. Ask the Dabby for a TV show, a movie, or even a specific scene on YouTube, and it will deep-search the Web for you to find and play it on any service. It also has an intelligent subscription manager to help you pare down your services.

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speakerPhotograph: Ultimate Ears

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