10 Best Black Friday Deals That Will Make Great Gifts (2019)

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  • Yubikey

    Photograph: Yubikey

    Online Authentication

    Yubico YubiKey 2-Pack for $120 ($20 off)

    This winter, give your loved one the gift of online security. A Yubikey is a simple, tiny fob that you attach to your keychain and plug into your computer to log into your online accounts. A hacker might be able to deduce your email address or phone number, but they’re going to have to work a lot harder to pull a physical key out of your hand. They also make one with a Lightning connector for your iPhone.

  • Photograph: Google

    An Affordable Streamer

    Google Chromecast Ultra for $50 ($20 off)

    Are you traveling for the holidays? The best, easiest, and cheapest way to make sure your kids can still watch their beloved Paw Patrol at Grandpa’s house is with a Chromecast. Start the video on your phone, and then toss (er, cast) it to the device to start watching on whatever TV is nearby. It works with both Android and iOS phones, and you don’t even need a remote, but the setup process might take a few minutes.

  • Photograph: Apple

    A Glossy Fitness Tracker

    Apple Watch Series 3 $170 ($30 off)

    If you don’t mind not having an always-on display, fall detection, or ECG alerts, the Apple Watch Series 3 has the same gorgeous form factor and much of the same fitness functionality as the Series 5—and for a much lower price. It has GPS and water expulsion, so you can wear it in the shower or in the pool. You will also still find yourself marching in place at 9:50 pm in order to close those darn activity rings.

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