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Dr. K's Medical Spa partnered with Seacabo Media to enhance their digital presence, increase search rankings and acquire new customers.

Based in Largo, Florida, Dr. K’s Medical Spa offers cutting edge procedures for skin resurfacing, body contouring, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, skin care, massage, hair removal, weight loss, mole, skin tag and wart removal and much more.

Dr. K wanted to present the experience of the ‘World Class’ spa in a way that would resonate strongly online, giving a sneak peek of what excited customers could expect. The medical spa needed to increase their web presence with quality web development,  increase organic rankings and most importantly acquire new customers.

The Solution

Highly-Optimized Campaigns

A variety of Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns were created, allowing Dr. K’s Medical Spa to capture traffic through both branded and broad searches, like “botox in Largo”. Display ads and remarketing ran as well, and every campaign was continually refined for optimal relevancy, with the goal of lowering Dr. K’s cost per acquisition.

Showing up in Search

The site was optimized to capture Dr. K’s potential customers. The strategy: increase the PageRank of the homepage through a link-building campaign, and adjust images and content to make them search engine-friendly. To decrease the site’s organic bounce rate and increase dwell time, we aimed to attract the most relevant traffic and ensure that the page and embedded video loaded quickly and efficiently for users.

The Results

Overcoming the competitive industry of medical spa and rejuvenation, we were able to achieve page #1 rankings in Google search for all of the primary targeted keywords, as well as first page ranking on several secondary and tertiary keywords (previously not visible in the top 100 results of Google) which matched the search words queried by consumers in search of spa and rejuvenation services, bringing the consumer directly to their desired solution.

Client: Dr. K’s Medical Spa

Category: Web Design / Digital Marketing

Date: January 2018

Web Design & Development

Custom development and design using WordPress, PHP and ConvertPlus along with high converting content and service landing pages, provided increased leads, traffic and engagement.

Digital Marketing

Omni channel marketing strategy that include both an organic and paid strategy.  Using Google Adwords, Facebook, Unbounce, CallRail and ActiveCampaign an entire customer acquisition process and leads management system was created.

Content Strategy

A combination of digital content and live events increased’s presence in multiple mediums and offered site visitors a space to learn about the services provided and familiarize them with the staff and procedures.

Marketing automation

With multiple channels generating leads, Dr. K’s Medical Spa needed a way to connect with these generated contacts throughout the complete customer lifecycle. Using Zapier and ActiveCampaign, contacts were integrated into a powerful CRM where they could be “delivered the most effective message to convert them from visitors, to leads, to customers, to advocates.”